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These wagons are great for use in many social situations!
•   Need to walk the family down the street with all the fixings for a block party and you also need
your own chairs… Hey, that's a great use for a Gypsy Mule Wagon!
•   Have an elderly relative that you need to easily adjust the height of a comfortable patio-chair…
Hey, try Gypsy Mule Wagon's adjustable seat height features!
•   Need some light weight chairs to backpack into the stadium to meet up with some friends for a
little tailgating, then need to haul a friend away from an awesome game after some really great
tailgating… Hey, I’ve got you covered, use our Gypsy Mule Wagon!
•   Don’t need a wagon, but do want reclining, seat height adjusting, durable patio chairs… Hey,
check out our Gypsy Mule Wagon!
They're great for use in bolstering business awareness or showing
off your school spirit!
•   Want a really cool award idea for patrons of your business? Choose the frame and fabric colors
that represent your business and then have your logo or business name affixed to the fabric for all
to see…Hey, I want to help get you noticed!
•   Want a really cool merchandizing idea for your business? Choose the frame and fabric colors
that you want, then have your tag lines and images affixed to the fabric for all to see, "The Beatings
Will Continue Until Morale Improves"…Hey, I want to help make you money!
•   Want a really cool school auction or fundraiser idea?   Want to have a Gypsy MuleWagon 
with your school colors coordinated between the frame and fabric and have your school mascot or
school name there for all to see… Hey, I want to help you get your team noticed!!
So, trade in that "one use wagon" for a multi-purpose, more useful
Gypsy Mule Wagon™!
Its large cargo platform, lightweight, super durable, folding frames make the most of your vehicle’s
space by effectively consolidating the space taken up by a wagon down to 1 or 2 lightweight,
folding chairs. And let me tell ya, folding chairs are a heck of a lot easier to pack and require a
whole lot less space than a wagon, and with our folding chairs you're packing a durable wagon too! 
It's a win, win!  So, “Take More... Pack Less!™ ”
Hey, what the heck is a Gypsy MuleWagon™ ?!
Gypsy Mule Wagons (GMW) are an innovative, space conscious, and
patented wagon design that, "almost magically", transforms either a single
folding beach-style chair or 2 separate folding beach-style chairs into a very
durable wagon.
What makes Gypsy Mule Wagons™so great?
You just pack these folding chairs in your vehicle for the beach, camping, or the park, and when
you get there, take them out from your vehicle, unfold the chair(s), either pin on the leg-rest to
the single chair and lock it into the "wagon wall" configuration -or- take 2 chairs and oppose the
forward seat frames, and simply lock the chairs together to form the wagon.  Attach the wheels
and handle, and in about 60 seconds you're ready to go.  It's just as easy to dismantle the wagon
back into either a single chair or 2 individual chairs. Then just fold them up and pack them away
so you can be on your way.